What Are the Pre-Requisites of Setting Goals?

If you are still clueless on what your goal should be, the following statements may help you:

  • Purpose leads to Vision.
  • Vision leads to Goal.
  • Without a purpose, everything will be off course, your vision will be blurred, and your goals undefined.

The Pre-Requisite of Setting Goals

#1. Determine Your Purpose

When you have the right purpose, you will easily develop the right vision.

  • What is it that you really love to do?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What is your uniqueness?
  • What is it that something that you can see or think that others can’t or don’t have?
  • Are you interested about something that is beyond other people’s interest?
  • Are you passionate about some ideas that you think can contribute to the betterment of mankind?

It’s only you who can answer those questions. This purpose may seem too deep, too hard, too easy, or too shallow to other people. But really, it is only you can determine your purpose. And no matter how big or small it may seem to you, you really need to find out your purpose.

Then, as you determine your purpose, ask yourself WHY. The answer to that WHY will push you to go to the limits, no matter how hard is the HOW.

If your WHY is not strong enough, you will be barricaded with the HOW and you might give up in the middle of your journey to success. If this is the case, ask yourself again, “Is this my real purpose in life?” If not, there’s nothing wrong about that, because there is really no right or wrong. You only have to find out your best inner purpose.

Try to recall your childhood or youth. When you were young, what is it that you love to do that you never really get tired of. Something that you are so passionate about, and you are willing to wake up early and sleep late at night just to do that thing? This may help you, too, in determining your purpose.

Determining your purpose is a process of self discovery, and you won’t figure this out right away. Therefore, you may try and fail, and try and fail, until you discover your real purpose in life.

Once discovered, your purpose in life seldom change.

#2. Determine Your Vision

Your vision is the strategy behind your purpose. This vision will guide you on how to materialize the purpose. It will motivate, energize, inspire you and the people around you towards the betterment of the future in a small or bigger scale.

Determine Your Goals.

Your goal is the thing that will keep you on course. This is the implementation of your purpose. Setting goals will be the way to track that you are heading to your purpose. Your goals may change from time to time, depending on different circumstances, such as changes in events and technology.

To make it more effective, divide it into sub-goals.


It is not easy to determine your purpose in life. It may take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. However, once you have determined your purpose in life, you will have more direction and you will be strong enough to protect yourself from any negativity surrounds that you. Your life will be filled with optimism and energy. People may wonder on where you are getting your energy and may often asked you, “Are you not getting tired?”

People who knows their purpose in life gain so much respect from their family, from their friends, from their society. And most of all, respect to one self.

These are the same people who will rewarded by nature with a comfortable life, can help their family with the basic needs, and has the ability to help, inspire and motivate other people.


To your success,

- Linda


P.S.: To give you a hint on when to get started in setting your goals, below, I attached a quotation written by Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich