The Importance of Leadership in an Organization

Leadership plays a critical part in an organization, especially if the goal is to expand and extend its services. However, growth of an organization will depend on how good the management is and on who is leading it. Expansion and growth cannot be obtained where the management has a very low level of leadership.

In John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, he states there that,

“In times of trouble, organizations naturally look for new leadership.

When the country is experiencing hard times, it elects new president.

When the company is loosing money, it hires a new CEO.

When a church is floundering, it searches for a new senior pastor.

When a sports team keep loosing, it looks for a new head coach.”

Another remarkable story in this book is the exchange of coversation between Don Stephensons and John Maxwell. Don said that whenever his people went to an organization, they always started by doing two things. First, they trained all the staff to improve their level of service to the customers. And second, They fired the leader.

“You always fire him? Every time?”, John asked

“That’s right, every time.” Don said

Don’s reasoning, if the leader is good, the organization would’nt be in the mess it’s in.

Now, how will you know that you are in a bad organization?

  •  Authoritative Statement Policy of Because I Said So. This type of management is practicing Fear-Based Strategy and is never going to drive high level of performance.
  • Fast Turnover of Employees. If employees are leaving either by choice or by force, this is a bad sign of bad management.
  • Division. If there is a high division between the staff, intentional or not, there is a dynfunction in the system.
  • Bullying. This is not only visible in school place, but also, in workplace. If bullying is being tolerated in the workplace, you are in a bad organization.
  • No Code of Ethics.

And how will you assess yourself as a leader? You can assess yourself by rating the following items from 0 to 10, where 10 is the highest.

  • People skills
  • Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Vision
  • Results
Food for thought about leadership using the Law of the Lid: A leader will only follow a leader with higher lid than them. An 8-rated leader won’t follow a 6-rated leader. And a 6-rated leader won’t follow a 4-rated leader. And a company will never expand its organization if the management have a very bad leadership and management. If the company wants to expand, then the leadership level must be raised.
A good leader must also have Standard Set of Code of Ethics whose basis of judgement is facts.