The Frustrating Gap Between the Students and the Mentors

Have you ever studied a book or enrolled in a training program in order to make a difference in your life? And then later on, you realized that after you have been inspired, there were no direct instructions on what to do next, because what you have just read are just a bunch of inspirational and motivational anecdotes?



There Lies the Frustrating Gap

The truth is: It is not your fault if you are getting frustrated for not knowing what to do next after your energy level had been jolted by a life-changing motivational information.

And it is neither your mentor’s fault if, like you, he is getting frustrated for not seeing any results from you at all. Your mentor wants to see results from you because it will boost his ego if you have achieved something out of his mentoring, and he will also consider it as his achievement. Actually, your mentor thinks that you are just being lazy and you are not doing your homework if you are not producing any results!

Both of you wanted to see results! Period.

So, what’s the problem?

The BIG Gap

There lies a big problem that both of you are not aware of.

The 5 Levels of Skills

1. Novice or Newbie Level. If you are just starting into something new, you can call yourself a novice or a newbie.

  • At this level, you need to be told exactly what to do. Exact. Simple. Short. Not conceptual. Not philosophical. Not complicated theories.
  • If you are at this level, you might find yourself saying “I’m just following instructions!” or “Where are the step-by-step instructions?”
  • You might also find yourself not being ‘personally responsible’ with the results.
  • You are only interested into doing one or few small things.
  • A short checklist of tasks will be helpful and handy.

2.  Advanced Newbie Level. You might have learned something and feel like you are already into something big, but:

  • At this level, you still need to be told exactly what to do, except in a bigger scale or bigger responsibility.
  • You have now more freedom to experiment on few things, but still have difficulty in figuring out on what’s wrong.
  • If you are at this level, you are now developing into being more responsible with your results.
  • You are still interested in accomplishing short-goals.
  • A short checklist of tasks will be helpful and handy.

3. Competent Level. At this level, you are now learning the complexity and the bigger picture of the concept or business.

  • You may now have the ability to troubleshoot, or to figure out on what’s wrong with the system, or why something is not working.
  • You can now do some planning, and some decisions are based on your past trials and experiences.
  • At this level, you are developing more your sense of being responsible and more keen into seeing desirable results.
  • Still, a checklist of tasks will be helpful. But at this stage, as a student, you can now do your own checklist.

4. Proficient Level. At this level comes the frustration if the information is too plain and simple, and if no framework, matrix, or diagram has been provided. You now wanted a bigger picture of the conceptual framework of the system.

  • At this level, you are now looking for diagrams and frameworks.
  • You are now focused on goal setting and so much interested into seeing desirable results in a shorter period of time.
  • You have developed your ‘intuition’ on how to see the problems.

5. Expert Level. Now, this is what you are waiting for – becoming an expert. This is where the real wealth and speed are hiding.

  • At this level, you are now intuitive.
  • Ideas just come naturally.
  • You have developed your ‘intuition’ on how to solve the problems.

The Source of Problem

The problem lies when the experts cannot express on how they have arrived into solutions, as it has been a result of their being intuitive.

Most of the experts have developed their habits of continuous personality and career development, thereby, the gap between the novice and the mentors are becoming so huge that the novice are having difficulty coping. The Newbies are moving so slow, while the experts are moving so fast.

Most of the experts have forgotten on how the novice thinks, thereby, having a difficulty in assisting them. If the expert has no direct action plan given to a novice, a problem may arise and the novice may be stuck in the middle of the journey.

Now that you know the GAP between you and your mentor,

what is the next step?

As a Student, Here is What You Can Do:

1. Read the information given to you by the experts. Collect it. Compile it. Bind it. Then, make your own summary on how you understand it.

2. Repeat reading the information given, until you have fully understood it. It has been a tradition in our school system that once we have finished reading something, we are done. Those books has been written with years of experience by the authors, and it’s just natural that you won’t be able to absorb the real message in one reading. So, repeat reading it. Academic excellence is different in real life application.

3. Finish the book. Successful people read books – and finish it.

4. Take action. It is not true enough that ‘Knowledge is Power’. The ‘Applied Knowledge is the Real Power.’

5. Ask questions. Your mentors never stopped from learning, and as a part of their habit, they are studying everyday. Therefore, they are so busy to figure out what’s wrong with you or what is it that you did not understand. And there’s a shortcut. Ask them a question.

6. Teach someone. The best way to know that you really know something is to teach someone. You really don’t need to be an expert before you start teaching. Actually, a bit of your knowledge about something is already enough to help someone . Remember the big gap between you and your mentor? It’s about time to reach out for those who knows less than what you know. You can still be a hero even if you don’t know it all. As a matter of fact, nobody knows everything.

7. Be consistent. Success may be hard to achieve. But really, it is not crowded at the top. Strive to be consistent in order to achieve that Expert Level, because it is where the real wealth and speed are hiding.


There is a great demand for people to teach at different level, that’s why, we all should become a “Student” and a “Teacher.

We need to continuously learn from someone ahead us.

And we need to teach to someone  behind us.

The passing of knowledge must properly evolve. Otherwise, the chain of knowledge will be broken, thereby resulting into poverty.

Therefore, if you would like to be really successful in life: Be a Student. Then, be a Teacher. Learn how to fill the frustrating gap between the students and the mentors, and you will be successful.


To your success,

- Linda


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