The Confusing World of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is one of the most judged, and yet, most profitable industry since the internet has been invented. Most people who does not have enough knowledge, or does not have any idea in this world of internet marketing has a tendency to shy away to any concept of making money online.

While some people are suffering from too much information, or shall we say, information overload, still, a big population of non-believers on this concept massively exists.

On the contrary, believe it or not, it is a good news to internet marketers, businessmen, and virtual assistants whose lives has been changed through stepping out of their comfort zone for some time. Life would be easier without much competition and it’s hard to imagine if everyone becomes an expert in internet marketing field. So, it’s a good news, isn’t it? =)

Just like in any field of profession and subjects, there will be lots of objectors who love to just disagree, debate and create arguments.

Now, it is up to you to decide. Are you going to open your mind to new opportunities? Or will you simply go back to your very comfortable life of trading your time for money in a form of 9 to 5 job (in which, Robert Kiyosaki has defined J.O.B. as being Just Over Broke)?

You decide.

So, now, what is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing, in its simplest definition is: marketing of products or services over the internet.

Internet Marketing is a very broad subject, and therefore, we are going to dissect it in a way that it will be easier for you to understand.

As there is not much enough organized information that can be gathered on the internet about the proper structure of internet marketing, confusion arises to those who made their first attempt to jump into this wagon.

So, in this article, in order to connect the dots, I compiled here the different branches of Internet Marketing.

The Branches of Internet Marketing

#1. Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing is a process of selling or promoting other people’s products or services.
#2. Expert Marketing
  • Expert Marketing is a process of positioning yourself as an expert of a certain field in order to gain trust from targeted readers and followers, thereby resulting into profits.
#3. Joint Venture Marketing
  • Joint Venture Marketing is a process of combining authority or partnering with other marketers who already have an established reputation as an expert.
#4. Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing is a process of positioning yourself as an expert through the use of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Some internet marketers are using Social Media to directly sell their products or services, and some impatient marketers to the extent of spamming the Social Media Networks.
#5. Article Marketing
  • Article Marketing is process of positioning yourself as an expert through the use of articles.
#6. Search Engine Optimization Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization Marketing is a process of collecting high quality back-links to a certain website.
  • It is also a process of organizing the proper structure of the website through the use of proper keywords and tagging.
  • This one is commonly known as ‘Free Traffic’ Strategy.
#7. Blog Marketing
  • Blog Marketing is a process of creating blogs with a purpose of having profits.
  • It is also a way to establish brands.
  • It is also known for ‘Free Traffic’ as blogs are dynamic and more-search engine friendly compared to static websites.
#8. Forum Marketing
  • Forum Marketing is a process of positioning yourself as an expert, becoming a part of the community, and providing ‘special offer’ to the members.
  • It is also known for ‘Signature’ Marketing.
#9. Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing is a process of posting paid advertisements, as a shortcut to receiving traffic to a certain website.
#10. Video Marketing
  • Video Marketing is a process of creating videos and posting it in social media sites, blogs, popular websites, etc.
  • Video Marketing is one of the most effective strategies as it gives the audience a visual aid and sound that appeals more to the senses.
#11.  Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing is a process of capturing emails of the prospective customer in order to provide value and make them a part of the list for future email product campaigns.
#12. Squeeze Page Marketing
  • Squeeze Page Marketing is a process of creating one-page site wherein, the email of the prospective customer will be captured after reading some information or after watching some videos.
#13. Mini-Site Marketing
  • Mini-Site Marketing is a process of creating few pages of website on a particular domain that usually contains about 5 to 25 pages.
#14. Keyword Marketing
  • Keyword Marketing is a process of targeting certain profitable or commercial keywords that is expected to be used by the prospective customer in finding the solution to their problems or needs.
#15. Advertisement Publishing
  • Advertisement Publishing is a process of putting codes on a certain website wherein the website owner will be paid for allowing the ads or advertisements be placed on his or her website.
#16. Continuity or Membership Marketing
  • Continuity or Membership Marketing is a process of create a membership website wherein the members will be given a special access to a valuable information or special benefits.
#17. Direct Selling Marketing
  • Direct Selling Marketing is a process of selling products or services in a direct manner.
  • An example of this is a Classfied Ads Website such as eBay.
  • Another example is by putting direct buy button on a website such as PayPal.
#18. Newsletter Marketing
  • Newsletter Marketing is one of the classic way to do the internet marketing.
  • A prospective customer will receive some information, usually through email, about certain products or services.
#19. CPA Lead Marketing
  • CPA Lead Marketing or Cost Per Action is a process of capturing email of the prospective customer in which the website owner will be paid for every email that has been captured.
#20. Private Label Rights or PLR Marketing
  • Private Label Rights or PLR Marketing is a process of obtaining products in which the rights can be usually transferred to the new buyer.
#21. Niche Marketing
  • Niche Marketing is a process of focusing on a certain niche, focusing on specific range of customers.
#22. Geo-Marketing
  • Geo-Marketing is a process of tagging the location, thereby, focusing on one specific location.
#23. Story-Telling or Testimonial Marketing
  • Story-Telling or Testimonial Marketing is a process of telling stories and experiences by using a certain product.
  • True stories or some sentences on how the product has changed or improved someone’s life is one of the most sought-after information that the consumers are looking for.

The Most Common Problems in Internet Marketing

Because of too many branches of internet marketing, most of the newbies are attempting to understand and apply it all at once, thereby, not creating a favorable result.

Another problem is that, most of the ‘experts’ have already lost their ‘newbies’ point of view. (You may want to read my other article entitled: The Frustrating Gap Between the Students and the Mentors)

Another problem that I have experienced in my online journey is my absence of technical knowledge in programming, html, css, getting a domain, setting up a blog, etc. I really do struggle on how to do technical stuff, and there are times that I would like to just give up and cry. But don’t you worry, because those skills are learn-able. It may take some time, patience and determination, but those skills are learn-able.

For your long-term success, I bet, you’d be willing to learn those stuff. The old adage ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ perfectly fits into Internet Marketing.


While there are too many branches of Internet Marketing, it is not necessary to know it all. While it will be helpful to use different marketing strategies on your online business or your online experiments, it is not required to know it all before you get started.

Knowing too much information all at once can only lead you into suffering with information overload that may result into an unproductive online journey. We studied academics in our school for so many years (primary school, secondary/high school, tertiary/college/university, graduate school, special courses, etc), therefore, it is understandable that Internet Marketing will take a bit of time to make you feel comfortable. But the point is, your desired results are achievable.

It is recommended to focus on one or few strategies before jumping into another method, and it’s best to get started on the most economical and most practical marketing.

On the other hand, you can outsource the other tasks. Generally, you don’t have to do everything by yourself, but having an idea on how things work will give you a clear picture on what things are possible, thereby, will promote your sense of creativity.


To your success,

- Linda


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