List of Leadership Attributes by Jim Rohn

Inspired by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, here is the list of great leadership attributes as summarized by Jim Rohn.

1. Unwavering Courage. Sometimes, our courage wave a little. Bend but not break. But you need to stay. The courage to step into the territory that might be uncomfortable. Faith to overcome fear. Courage to overcome our doubts.

2. Self-Control. The essence of life itself. Opposites and conflict. Necessary to be a good leader.

3. Keen Sense of Justice. Sense of utilizing on what is right and what is wrong. Sense of being fair. Know on what is a good balance. Fairness. Justice. Otherwise, the enterprise won’t work. If power is the rule of the day, if might is the rule of the day, it is a catastrophe.

4. Definiteness of Decision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. If you don’t decide, the opportunity will slip away. For example, in time management, don’t start the day until you have it finished.

5. Definite Plans. You must have definite plans to be an effective leader.

6. Do More Than What You Get Paid For. The harvest is yet to come. Means you are getting for the next move up. By doing more, is like having an investment. Do more and see what it will do for you. Just render the service with a vision of the future.

7. Pleasing Personality. One is working personality. Personality in the public, it count so much in the workplace, in the business. However, also develop your personality in private. Practice when there is few, for you are ready when there are hundreds. Utilize Your Influence.

8. Give the Gift of Attention. Attention is so powerful.

9. Sympathy and Understanding. A leader must have sympathy and understanding. Develop this early of our lives, all of our lives. Deep emotional feeling. Understand what it meant to be poor, to be short, to have lack of knowledge, challenge. That kind of leadership quality is so powerful.

10. Mastery of the Detail. The drama is in the detail.

11. Willingness to Assume Full 100% Responsibility. The responsibility must end with you. Everyone can make a mess but you must be responsible for fixing it and it will end with you.

12 Cooperation. If two or three agree, nothing is impossible.

13. Vision. A vision for your own course to follow. A vision for your health, for your wealth, for your family. A vision must lead others. A vision for the people you are close to. Without vision, we die, we perish. But if we have vision, it will help us touch people.