Is there a Guarantee for Success?

With all honesty, nobody can guarantee your success but yourself. No matter how great the information is, and no matter how structured the systems are, you are the major ingredient to your success.

Everyone is unique, thereby, some guidelines and philosophies of your mentors may differ from yours. So, the only way that you won’t reach success is the moment that you decided to quit. So, the message is clear – Don’t quit!”

How to Guarantee Success in Today’s Competitive World?

#1. Be observant

One way to increase your awareness and develop your knowledge, skills and talents, is through being observant. When you find something new, do not procrastinate. Be observant and be open-minded to new ideas.

#2. Study

Try to study and study and study, until studying becomes a habit. Don’t ever think of studying as a  ‘pain’, but rather, a ‘seed to your tree of success’. You don’t need to be intelligent to learn on how to be successful. In fact, most intelligent people are poor, because their mind are always so busy thinking. Smart people are the rich ones because they know how to utilize the knowledge and skills of those intelligent people. So, develop yourself on how to be smart. =)

#3. Take Action

Needless to elaborate. Don’t be lazy. Take action! Take massive and action and be consistent!

4. Teach

Someone somewhere needs your help in some ways. No matter how much knowledge you have, someone will always need your help. (You may also read this article entitled: The Frustrating Gap Between the Students and the Mentors)

5. Have a Heart.

This will be your greatest asset. Put your heart into whatever it is that you are doing. People will feel if you are just trying to lure them for some profits, or if you care enough for them.

Put your heart into your business and care enough to your customers and your people.

While everyone else are just looking for a quick money, spamming and scamming people, you may be slower than them, but your seeds are properly planted. So don’t worry because with certainty, your seeds will grow into a tree. Your own tree of success!


To your success,

- Linda


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