How Much and How Long Will It Take To Be Successful?

I had been seeing thousands of people asking, How Much and How Long Will It Take to be Successful and most of them are looking for the following answers:


  • Extremely Fast
  • Superbly Easy
  • Amazingly Free

Most of them, when they realized that it can be exhaustive, time-consuming, laborious, tedious and boring, they simply give up and never entertain the idea of making money online anymore.


Issue #1: Extremely Fast?

First, let me ask you, ” What is your idea of fast results? ” One day? Two days? Three Weeks? Four months? Five Years?

Hmmm… what if I tell you that REAL Success can be achieved by approximately FIVE YEARS? Are you still interested? Or do you think that FIVE YEARS is just enough to commit yourself to achieve the great results that you wanted.

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of life have you had:
  • Last year?
  • 2 years ago?
  • 3 years ago?
  • 4 years ago?
  • 5 years ago?
  • Are you moving any forward to the achievement of your goal?
  • Or are you at the same position 5 years ago? As if nothing has been changed?

The 10,000 Hour Rule

The 10,000 Hour Rule is recommended to me by Lanny Morton, one of my mentors in Six Minutes to Success Program. This is the most powerful Chapter of the Book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, derived from a study of a psychologist Anders Ericsson. In this Chapter, it has been discussed that it takes an average 10,000 hours for someone to get great results.

Now, here is the sample computation of the 10,000 Hour Rule.

If you are working on an 8-hour job per day, for 5 days a week, with 48 working weeks in 1 year:

  • 8 hours per day X 5 days per week = 40 hours per week
  • 40 hours per week X 48 weeks per year = 1,920 hours per year
  • 10,000 hours / 1,920 hours per year = 5.2 years

But what if, you as employee, is not fully working in 8 hours? You know, chit chats, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, the boss has a meeting,  not in the mood to work, the weather is not good, feel sleepy, not motivated or depressed, it’s just Monday, it’s already Friday, something came up excuses, and so much more. Do you think that you will be successful in 5.2 years?

If you are working on a part-time job or work-at-home at your free time, for 4 hours a day, for 5 days a week, for 48 weeks in 1 year:

  • 4 hours per day X 5 days per week = 20 hours per week
  • 12 hours per week X 48 weeks per year = 960 hours per year
  • 10,000 hours / 960 hours per year = 10.4 years

So, it’s possible, it may take you 10 years. Yes, you read it right, 10 years.

Ten years of good habits or bad habits is the result on where you are right now. So, where are you right now?

Ten years or five years may seem so long.

But then, as you grow your network, as you’ve learned how to manage people, it will be fast. Extremely fast! More than you have ever expected.


Issue #2: Superbly Easy

Achieving success is not easy. It is time consuming and brain prickling. While the result of this hard effort is so rewarding, most people rather die than think. As Brian Tracy said in one of his seminars, “When do you eat dessert? Before or after the meal?”

Common’! It’s never easy to get started. There are hundreds of things to consider, and changing your mindset is on top  of them. Almost everywhere, there is a sprout of negativity, and no wonder that you have been absorbing so much fears, doubts and worries.

In the beginning, it is never easy.

But it will be easy! Then later, it will be superbly easy! And that’s what matters most: that it will become superbly easy.


Issue #3: Amazingly Free

Time is money. And when you are spending your time, it’s like that you are spending money. So, achieving success is never free. If you would like to save time, you have to trade your time with money, or your money with time.

You can browse the internet for free, watch all the videos available online, but the problem here is – there are millions of different opinions and you’d be confused on what really works.

If you would like to save time, you can invest in a good book, attend webinars and seminars, find a mentor, join coaching programs. You’d be trading your money with expert’s time, skills, techniques, and wisdom. But the problem here is, there are thousands of hungry scam artists waiting for you to be their next victim. It’s hard to figure out on who to trust. That’s why, most people just don’t try at all, because they are afraid to loose something.

But don’t let this fear of loosing something stop you from trying. In fact, the most successful people in this world have experienced bankruptcy, trade loses, had been scammed, and had been poorer than a beggar in the street.

The beggar has a ZERO net worth, while they had a NEGATIVE net worth (thousand or millions of debts).

Don’t be afraid to lose something. Keep on trying. In achieving success, it is either, you are IN or OUT. I hope that you are getting IN because the result is so rewarding.

With great effort and consistency, you’d be developing quality assets, grow your network and your leadership skill will be honed. This is the time to harvest.



This is the greatest part of achieving success – the RESULTS! This is what most people see from you – YOUR RESULTS! And if you become successful, most of the time, people will think of it as an overnight success; that you are so lucky, that good things always happen to you; because you are so smart, and so on and so forth. But in reality, you worked hard for it. You struggled so hard. You have spent time and money on books and trainings. You struggled to overcome the shifting of your paradigms from poverty mentality to entrepreneurial mentality.

Achieving Success:

  • Extremely Fast?
  • Superbly Easy?
  • Exclusively Free?

It’s hard! It’s never easy! It’s never free!

But it’s all worth it!

You’d feel fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction. Why? Because in achieving success, you’d be helping people to get what they want. There’s no other way around.

And you can get started by Setting Goals.


To your success,

- Linda


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