5 Keys to Calmness and Happiness

Here are some tips to calmness and happiness that I have learned from Tony Robbins. Some of it are my own personal interpretation. And here it goes something like this:

5 Keys to Calmness and Happiness

1. Learn how to handle frustration. Frustration can kill dreams. It can change positive attitude into negative attitude. We must learn how to handle all frustration and disappointments as learning experience.

2. Learn how to handle rejection. The more rejection we get, the better we become as a person, and the more we learn, the closer we are to our outcome. There are no real successes without rejection. It’s part of life.

3. Learn how to handle financial pressure. Learn how to earn and how to give. Learn how to invest and how to save. Do not compromise our ideals for money, and do not let it be the source of unhappiness. Learn how to raise financial literacy, and learn how to handle financial issues. Do not avoid it. Be responsible.

4.  Learn how to handle complacency.  There is nothing wrong for being contented and satisfied. It can be a source of happiness. However, growth is a human basic need, which means growing is a need of the spirit and personality. And so, keep on growing, keep on learning. Keep on being out of the comfort zone. Keep your focus. Keep on creating, sharing and on adding value.

5. Always give more than you receive. Keep on giving. Happiness can be obtained in giving more, than in receiving more. Giving more guarantees success. Life will give you what you deserve. Just keep on giving, on teaching, on sharing.


I hope you have learned something from here as these simple statements are so powerful. Cheers!