10 Great Powers by Jim Rohn

Listen and watch Jim Rohn as he discusses the 10 Great Powers.


1. Purpose. Learning the power of purpose. Meaning. Magnificent Obsession. Something that pulls us into the better future. This is powerful. The more powerful the purpose is, the more powerful you are being pulled into the better future. Without a purpose, it is easy to being pulled by the bad day, bad month or bad year. So, the clearer your purpose is, the more dynamic it is, you’ll have a better future.

2.  Self Confidence. It comes from not neglecting the small daily discipline. Lack of self-confidence comes from neglect. Self-confidence is willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve. Ability to rise above circumstances. Do whatever it takes. Keep on going.

3. Enthusiasm. It is a power is coming from the inside (90%) and from the outside (10%). It is coming from the purpose. It is coming from the self-confidence. It affects people. Not from being loud. It comes from the inside. It is created by genuinely helping people. A lot of it is quiet. A lot of it is unheard.

4. Expertise. One thing to excel in all of the skill. Outstanding performance. Be the best in your field. Be the best that you could possibly be. Doing that best possibly you can. Excellence in skills.

5. Preparation. Well-prepared. Big part of our lives is getting ready. It seems like long excruciating time. It takes time to get ready. Those are the decisions that will last for a lifetime. To prepare yourself for success. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make myself ready?” Life is not designed to give us what we want or need.  Life is designed to get what we deserve. Every value in life must be paid for. And those who pay will receive it. Don’t focus on receiving. Just become a good giver. Those who search will find. Great ideas come because you searched for it. Always prepare yourself. Be ready for challenges and opportunities.

6. Self-Reliance. Look mostly to yourself. It will be nice if everyone did their job as exactly what they are supposed to do. Primarily, rely on yourself. Tell yourself,I’m the person responsible. And I will learn the necessary skills, so that I can help people learn their skills. If I need lots of people to do certain things, to build an organisation, that is what I must have. But I’ve got to be the final back stab. I will be the final one that people can rely on. So, if this is missed and this is missed, I can catch up. I can fill the gap. I can do the job.  Self-Reliance. Primary, learning to count on yourself. And you can do this. Never complain and never explain.

7. Image. Image that other see you. And it is very important how others see you. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you think, and your capacity for learning. Self-image. Try to be the best that you can. Look at yourself in the mirror. And assess on how others see you.

8. Character. Be the person of character. Be the person of high value, principle, honesty, respect, integrity. Develop the character to do the right thing, honest, fair, willing to be helpful. Willing to walk on the centerline. Do not cross or pass the line. Build the integrity that you have the principles that you have the capacity to fix things and do the right thing at the right time. Do not take advantage. Do not cut corners. Do not cheat. Do not cross the line even just a little bit. We cannot do everything by ourselves. We must also count on other people. That’s why we must build our own character.

9. Self-Discipline. It’s easy sometimes to let up and let it go. But we have to be disciplined. I will do the best I can. That kind of self-discipline. Do your part. Do your job.

10. Extra Ordinary Performance. Demanding Excellent Results. If you want to live extra-ordinary, you must do extra-ordinary things. If you want extra-ordinary fortune, you must do what it demands. You must demand it of yourself.